Makerspace Policy

The Grafton-Midview Public Library provides free and equal access to information, knowledge, and
ideas; promotes personal enrichment and life-long learning; encourages literacy and love of reading;
and fosters cultural and educational programs and partnerships in a welcoming community

Our Library supports content creation in many formats, whether for writers, artists, or artisans and
provides spaces and tools for individual or group use. We provide content creation by using in-house
tools to cultivate creativity and imagination for our youth and adults to explore, create, and share.

Eligibility for Use
Grafton-Midview Public Library Makerspace and Makerspace equipment are available to Library patrons
ages 13 and up. A parent or adult guardian (18 or older) must accompany any user under 13.

User Guidelines
The Makerspace is a self-directed area where users complete designs and projects independently,
following initial guidance and information from staff on equipment and software's capabilities, safety,
and operation. Those who are unfamiliar with how to use the equipment are required to take an
orientation class. We also offer one-on-one appointments with Makerspace staff to learn more in-depth

Patrons must check in with staff before using equipment in the Makerspace to ensure availability and a
signed Makerspace Agreement.

Use of GMPL's Makerspace or Makerspace equipment is subject to the rules in this procedure, the
Patron Access to the Internet Policy, and the Unattended Children Policy, as well as any other applicable
Library policies and procedures. Failure to abide by these policies and procedures may result in
suspension or loss of Makerspace use privileges.

Users of the Library's Makerspace agree to respect all applicable copyright laws and licensing
agreements. Furthermore, all makerspace users agree to follow all local, state, or federal ordinances,
regulations, and statutes.

The Library does not allow any food or open beverages in the Makerspace. We expect that each
individual clean up after using the Makerspace.

The computers located in the Makerspace are for patrons utilizing the specialized software programs or
equipment located in the Makerspace. The Library reserves the right to reassign patrons to other public
computers in the Library if they are not utilizing the Makerspaces computers for their intended purpose.
Makerspace equipment is limited to two hours per day. Staff can extend the time if no other patrons are
waiting to use a piece of equipment.

GMPL does not permit unsafe behavior. If staff observes unsafe behavior or dangerous misuse of tools
or materials, they will ask you to leave. If a user sees that any tool or equipment is unsafe or in disrepair,
the user must immediately discontinue using the device and notify GMPL staff. If an accident occurs, a
user should report the incident to the library staff immediately.

Some of the Makerspace equipment may contain parts or components that may cause injury to the user
if they do not follow all rules, policies, procedures, and restrictions. The Library requires training for
some equipment before use. Applicable safety supplies are available as directed. Report any accident or
injury in the Makerspace to a staff member. Users agree to release and hold the Library harmless from
any claims for personal injury, property damage, or any other loss in using the Makerspace, including
the equipment, tools, and materials.

Costs and Materials
GMPL supplies materials to patrons at no cost during one-on-one training or group classes. The Library
can provide free consumable materials as Library funds allow. Users should agree to avoid wasting
supplies and materials.

Patrons must bring their supplies when using the Makespace on their own.

The Grafton-Midview Public Library Makerspace is available for design, production, and fabrication for
entrepreneurial, creative, and recreational purposes. We do not expect anyone to use the space and
equipment for significant production or manufacturing, and the Library reserves the right to refuse or
limit any equipment or service use.
Patrons may not use the Makerspace equipment to produce materials that:

  •  Violate local, state, or federal laws or regulations
  •  May be construed as obscene or otherwise inappropriate for the Library environment
  •  Potentially violate the intellectual property rights of another

Approved by the GMPL Board of Trustees on February 13, 2024, Resolution # 24-2-3

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