Friends of GMPL Book Sale


The Friends of the Grafton-Midview Public Library organize a biannual book sale, in May and November, as a fundraiser to help support Library programming throughout the year. We always schedule a Friends Preview, to give our closest supporters a chance to peruse the collection first, before it is open to the public. We welcome any new members who would like to join at the door in order to take advantage of this great Friends perk!

We gladly accept donations of gently used books throughout the year. This gives us the opportunity to maintain a small ongoing book sale located on carts at the entrance of the Library. We gladly accept your donation for these items.

Volunteers are always appreciated during the setup and organization of books, as a cashier during the book sale, and also for the clean-up (which involves boxing up the leftovers). We are proud to be able to supply surrounding non-profits with our leftover books.

If you are interested in assisting during the book sale or have an interest in the leftover books, please contact the Library Circulation Desk. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you at our next sale.

We are accepting donations and volunteers!!

In addition to our softcover, hardcover, and oversize books, we have VHS, DVDs, and children’s books. We now accept credit cards.

Won’t you make our old books your new friends?